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1 Garmin Vesper Cortex V1 VHF Radio - Class D DSC VHF Radio - #010-02814-00 $2,299.99 CAN
Quantity In Stock: 6
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Advanced multi-station VHF with intuitive touchscreen operation. Full Class B SOTDMA with smartAIS send and receive and integrated no-loss splitter. Monitor and control onboard systems and keep alerted on board or ashore from your smartphone. Includes M1 hub, tethered H1 handset and accessories Built-in Class B SOTDMA with no-loss antenna splitter Built-in WiFi and Cellular connectivity on monitoring on board and ashore Low power consumption hub 10Hz GPS antenna 4-inch multi-touch display with gorilla glass for maximum durability Single hand operation with click wheel and dedicated buttons Wet and glove capable touchscreen Optically bonded display for wide-angle and sunlight viewability, even in the harshest midday sun 85 dBA of crystal-clear audio Combined AIS and VHF display with voiced alerts Touch a vessel onscreen for direct calling (DSC)
Category: AIS Receivers & Transceivers
2 Vesper #SP160 Amplified Antenna Splitter $369.99 CAN
Quantity In Stock: 8
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Many AIS splitters introduce significant signal loss, some say no loss but this unique Vesper Marine splitter is the only one that provides signal gain - improving AIS reception and increasing range. This is because the Vesper Marine splitter has a built-in low noise amplifier. This is especially important to increase the receive range from the increasing number of low power AIS SART and MOB devices. In addition to the amplification provided by this splitter, when used with your existing antenna you can optimize the range of your AIS transponder because the antenna is also mounted as high as possible. Designed to work with all Vesper Marine AIS transponders including the popular WatchMate XB-6000 and WatchMate XB-8000. In addition it has a unique on-screen VHF-in-use indicator when used with the WatchMate 850 and WatchMate Vision AIS transponders. What's In The Box: AIS VHF antenna splitter, Installation guide, 2m (6.5') Power cable, Two 2m (6.5') PL259 patch cables.
Category: AIS Receivers & Transceivers
3 Vesper #XB-8000 AIS Trans 2K USB Wifi @ $1,129.99 CAN
Quantity In Stock: 7
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WatchMate XB-8000 is a Class B AIS transponder with a two channel parallel receiver and transmitter. It transmits your vessel position and details and receives the same kind of information from other vessels with AIS transponders. The AIS data is sent every few seconds and includes information such as course, speed, latitude, longitude, and heading. Static information about the vessel is sent every few minutes and includes the name, type of vessel, length, beam, draft, etc. Unlike normal AIS which send and receive AIS data, WatchMate XB-8000 has smartAIS which is an active system with smart alarm logic that alerts you rapidly to potential dangers.
Category: AIS Receivers & Transceivers