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RailBlaza 02-5005-11 LED Bi-Colour Light
RAILBLAZA Illuminate iPS – Portable Bi-Colour Navigation Light. Made in New Zealand. Battery powered – no wires required. Meets USCG 2NM standards. The iPS meets the required standards for a port/starboard navigation light for power and sailboats under 12 metres. This light is great for use where cables can’t be run such as on some inflatables, as an emergency nav light, or on small, tiller steered vessels. RAILBLAZA have made a bi-colour, or port/starboard light, and not a tri-colour for a very good reason, as their target market for this product is power boats under 12 metres in length.
MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix
12.9 mL filler perfect for repairing small holes, chips and scrapes above the waterline on gelcoat, fiberglass and ceramic / stone tiles. It incorporates the latest nano technology to provide ultimate strength and adhesion. And with a 3 year durability guarantee, you can be assured of a quality, long-lasting repair. A medium density one-part, colored filler (paste). Use above waterline for easy repair of chips, holes and voids in fiberglass, gelcoat and other surfaces.
Kuuma/Camco CAM58423 12 oz Can Cooler
Double-wall vacuum insulation. Press ring to keep your can in place. Extreme durability. Convenient and easy to carry.
Flo Classic Blue Fender Cover
Use a 2-layers system providing easy gliding between the inner/outter linings thus reducing friction on your boat's hull and gelcoat. Made of UV resistant fabrics which protect the appearance and colours. Eliminate rubbing noises from friction alongside other boats or docks. Protect your gelcoat against scratches and rubbing marks. Keep your fenders clean and gum free. Increase your fender's lifespan. Fast and easy installation. Washable. Sold Individually.
Mustang EP 38 Ocean Racing Vest
EP 38 Ocean Racing Vest: Using CM Hammar's hydrostatic inflation technology & inflatable membrane, the EP 38 Ocean Racing Vest is designed to be low profile, comfortable & fully integrated with a sailing harness. Built to perform in extreme conditions, the vest is ISAF race ready & offers modular organization of marine electronics for customized gear configurations. The vest will also be USCG & Transport Canada approved. MD6254.
Mustang EP 6.5 Ocean Racing Jacket
A minimalist design with emphasis on features and fabric that keep you dry at the core for longer. Storable hood Cohaesive TM Bottom Cinch. Wrist seal. Cargo, reflective chest and sleeve pockets. Slit sleeve over-cuff. Reinforced hanging loops. Textured grip tabs. Retroreflective and photoluminescent nameplate and patches.
Plastimo Evo 165 Red Inflatable PFD
Cruising & blue water sailing. Enhanced comfort and total mobility. Buoyancy : Rated 150 N, actual buoyancy 165 N (33 g CO² gas bottle). Outer shell ergonomic design : short cut on chest combined with rounded shape provide superior comfort and mobility. Very easy donning. Foam padded patch on stomach, integrated to waist belt. Flexible and hardwearing material. Visibility of inflated jacket : yellow air chamber + 300 cm² retro-reflecting tapes. Backstrap, 40 mm polypropylene : ensures perfect body fit when lifejacket is inflated. Viewing window helps monitor status of firing mechanism, on automatic Hammar hydrostatic models. Grid patch on Hammar models accelerates the water entry to trigger the firing head quicker and ensure a prompt deployment of the air chamber. NOTE: These PFD's have NOT received Transport Canada approval.
Samlex EVO 3000 Watt Inverter/Charger
Pure sine wave inverter, adaptive battery charger, transfer relay – All in ONE unit. Samlex Evolution Series inverter/chargers provide reliable AC power wherever it’s needed. For use with boats, RVs, cabins and specialty vehicles, as well as alternative energy, back-up and emergency power applications. Using state-of-the-art technology, the Samlex EVO inverter/charger operates at 165 million instructions per second with lightening fast load & response times, has 9 points of physical protection monitoring (being scanned up to 10,000 times per second) to detect fault conditions & protect itself in a vast range of adverse environments. The EVO-3012 is a 3000 Watt Pure Sine inverter, 12 VDC input, 120 VAC output, 50/60 Hz. It intelligently integrates a 130 Amp 4 stage Battery Charger and a 70 Amp Transfer Relay into an advanced and affordable off-grid power solution.
Kingston Anchors KV-920 Vulcan 9-20 SS Roller
The KV-920 is an anchor roller specifically designed for use with the Vulcan 9kg through 20kg anchors. Made from 100% USA Stainless Steel. It uses a quick release locking pin that will hold the anchor securely in place when stowed in the anchor roller. It also features a rounded bail that controls the rode, keeping it inside the roller. Salt Water test to 500 hours with no signs of corrosion or rust. Two finishes: High Buff is polished to a mirror finish or Electro Polished has a satin-like finish with great shine. Both finishes provide an attractive look that does not corrode and requires no maintenance.
Fastfender Lifeline Fender Adjuster
The Fastfender Sail is designed for securing fenders on lifelines up to 3/8’’ in diameter. Will accomodate fender lines from 1/4" to 1/2". Made of durable and UV stable PA6 AWAMID. Colors available: White, Black, and Blue. Weather resistance: 3 stars. Maximum power transferring 150 kg of short duration, long duration 85 kg. Sold in Pairs.
Rolite Pre-Polish
Refines, Prepares, Cleans - Use as a prepolish with Rolite Metal Polish on aluminum, brass, bronze, chrome, copper, nickel, paint and gel-coated fiberglass and stainless steel for the removal of heavy oxidation, stains, discoloration and corrosion. Not recommended for use on plated metals.
RWO Moorfast
MoorFast threads rope through a ring or around a cleat up to 2m away with a simple push-pull action. Quick. Safe. Secure. Boat owners know that mooring can be difficult, particularly if you are on you own or short-handed. The wind may be blowing. There may be a couple of knots of tide running and you are trying to get onto a mooring that may be unfamiliar to you. You need to be able to do this first time, every time. MoorFast works with buoys, pile moorings, marina berths and locks. In fact, almost anywhere that you need to thread a line through or around. The shape even allows you to lift up a pontoon ring and thread your line under it. Built to last in a marine environment. MoorFast's distinctive colour is highly visible and it will float if dropped overboard.
RWO Moorfast
$71.99 CAN
S Type IntelliSteer System
Type S & T - For Cable Steered Boats Kit Included: Wireless control Helm replacement drive unit Electronic clutch Fits behind dash Type S for Straight shaft helms Type T for Helms with tilt function Easy to use installation kit Key Features: Electronic clutch disengages for manual steering Rotary drive system Fits behind dash Type S for straight shaft helms, Type T for helms with tilt function Safety override technology Current 1.25A Typical, 5A Max while steering Includes Wireless control system, Drive system, Installation kit.
Gemini Marine Sliding Side Mount
Applications include fixed grab rails, folding grab rails on dodgers, and both fixed and folding tensioning bars on biminis and dodgers. Provides stand-off space for grab rail with cloth behind. As tensioning bars, stand-off structure automatically bypasses intermediate frames. Compatible with standard marine end fittings. Easy to install – requires no modification of existing frames, no drilling or difficult setup. Tube Size is avaiable at 1' and 1-1/4" OD, Provides Stand-Off Space for Grab with Cloth Behind. 316 stainless steel polished.
Simms Smart Cap Caulking Tube Cap
The proven SmartCap is a new, air tight, re-usable. Prevent Premature DRYOUT & BLOCKAGE, so product is fresh every time you need it. It's Protected Industrial Design technology is intended to plug, seal and enable safe storage of partially used product of caulking type tubes for proven tested periods of over 36 months. Simply cut off caulking tube tip, and insert SmartCap with puncture pin. Airtight seal for: Acrylic, Silicone, Wood Fillers, Adhesives and more. 2 Pack Caulking Tube Caps. Reusable.
Spinlock Deckware Lume-On
Used in addition to approved lifejacket lights. 2 flashing LED Lights (pair) illuminate the inflated lifejacket bladder to increase visibility and aid location. Water activated - waterproof (IP68). Uses the inflated lifejacket bladder as diffuser to increase visibility. Compact design. Attaches and integrates only in lifejackets with separate bladder and cover construction. Sticks directly to underside of inflatable chamber. Retail packaged as a pair of lights with stickers. Standard feature on Deckvest 5D (2016 onwards). Available February 2016, accepting pre-orders now!
Spinlock RGS Tension Gauge
Rig-Sense is a new rig tension device for measuring the loads in wire or rope on dinghies and small keelboats. Rig-Sense is simple to use, measuring the tension directly in kilogrammes. Rig-Sense also benefits from being able to be operated one handed, supporting itself on the rig whilst being used. Quality parts ensure long term performance, consistent and accurate readings over time. Two sizes available to measure loads on both wire and fibres from 2-5mm diameter range or 5-8mm diameter range. Direct Scale with tension output. Composite calibrated leaf spring Stainless steel contact points. Ergonomic, robust body Compact size, durable and light. Easy one handed operation. Carry bag included. Works in conjunction with the Rig-Sense App.
Gemini Marine Split Side Mount
Gemini Split Side Mount Features: Adds versatility and ease of installation to the use of side mounts. When retrofitting a bimini or dodger with struts, new side mounts can be installed without disassembling frames. Clamp-on style allows direct placement of side mounts in position Can be mounted anywhere on a frame – in the middle of a corner bend or even in roof section. Can be used to install solar panels on dodger and bimini tops. Made from corrosion-resistant cast 316 stainless steel polished to a bright finish. Specifications: Material: 316 stainless steel polished. Tube Size: 1' and 1-1/4" OD. Post Height: 1" for GEMSJ-1. 1-1/4' for GEMSJ-125. Supplied with all required fasteners
Flo Steel Plate Fender Cover
Use a 2-layers system providing easy gliding between the inner/outter linings thus reducing friction on your boat's hull and gelcoat. Made of UV resistant fabrics which protect the appearance and colours. Eliminate rubbing noises from friction alongside other boats or docks. Protect your gelcoat against scratches and rubbing marks. Keep your fenders clean and gum free. Increase your fender's lifespan. Fast and easy installation. Washable. Sold Individually.
Tera Pump TRFA01 Fuel Transfer Pump
TRFA01Battery Operated Fuel Transfer Pump with Auto Stop and Leak Protection. Flexible Intake Hose. 3 Different Sized Adaptors. Pumps 3 Gallons Per Minute. Suction Hose With Impeller. Simple power buttons. Use 4 AA Battery (not included).
Wash Safe WS-SW-3Lb Sail Wash
Wash Safe Industries SAIL WASH Eco-Safe and Organic Professional Sail Cleaner, 3 lb Container. Use Sail Wash to clean organic stains and debris like those caused by mold and algae from your sails. Does not contain any bleach or chlorine. Does not damage threading like chlorine bleach based products would. Can also be used to clean awnings. Easy to use, soak your sails or spray and wash them as they are up on the mast fully extended.
Plastimo XM Coastal Trouser
Breathable, waterproof and lightweight : tailored for coastal navigation and equally suitable for sports or outdoor activities. Ample cut and flexibility provide comfort and ease of movement. Manufactured from durable polyamide with a hydrophilic coating. Features: • Mesh lining. • 1 thigh pocket with waterproof velcro storm flap, drainage holes and keyclip. • Strong zip closure and waterproof chest-high gusset. • Ankle tightening with elasticated slanting tabs. • Elasticated waist and armpits. • Articulated knees for improved ease of movement. • Rear hanging loop for easy drying. • Reinforced knees and seat. • Crotch features concealed internal seams to prevent chafing.
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