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Need splicing instructions?

We have compiled our favourite instructional videos and PDF documents below!

Remember, there are three basic types of eye splices - and it depends completely on the type of rope being spliced!

Need help determining which type of splice to use? Just call us!

Eye Splice for 3-Strand
(eg. nylon anchor line or manila rope)

Brand sold on this site:

  • Nylon 3-strand anchor rode
  • Manila Rope
PDF Document c/o Samson:
Recommended Youtube Video:


Eye Splice for Class 1 Double Braid
(eg, polyester jacket/core)

Brand sold on this site:

  • XLE Polyester Yacht Braid
  • E-Z Feel Polyester
  • Nova-Lite (excluding Nova-Lite HP)
  • Dinghy Braid
PDF Document c/o Samson:
Alternate Instructions c/o Selma (JPG:
Recommended Youtube Video:


Eye Splice for Hollow Core
(eg, high-tech core such as Spectra/Amsteel/Vectran/Dyneema)

Brand sold on this site:

  • Spectec-12
  • Novabraid Sprint
PDF Document c/o Samson:
Recommended Youtube Video:


Eye Splice for Class 2 Double Braid
(eg, high-tech core such as Spectra/Amsteel/Vectran/Dyneema, with lower-strength jacket such as polyester)

Brand sold on this site:

  • Nova-Lite HP
  • Polyspec
  • Marlow Excel Pro
PDF Document c/o Samson:
Recommended Youtube Video:






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