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Shaft Shark 300 Split Model

The Ultimate Underwater Protector. Cuts rope, line, weeds and other debris. Price does not include incoming freight.

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1" Shaft
Special Order Item
Shaft Shark 300-1.00
1-1/4" Shaft
Special Order Item
Shaft Shark 300-1.25
1-1/8" Shaft
Special Order Item
Shaft Shark 300-1.125
25mm Shaft
Special Order Item
Shaft Shark 300-25mm
30mm Shaft
Special Order Item
Shaft Shark 300-30mm

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What is a SHAFT SHARK?

The SHAFT SHARK is a serrated edge circular blade … machined from high quality (316L) type stainless steel. It is available as a split 2 x piece unit for quick and simple installation. Also available as a single piece unit for larger shafts.

What does it do?
Attached to your shaft just forward of your propeller, it rotates with the shaft, cutting away any rope, weed or debris that might try to entangle your shaft & propeller.

Why do I need one?
• To keep your propeller free from rope, weeds and underwater debris.
• Eliminate the possibility of damage to your shaft, propeller and strut.
• Eliminate the need for being towed due to fouled stern gear or propeller.

How do I choose the right model?
• Supply the shaft diameter on your boat either standard SAE (inch) or metric.
• Supply the diameter of the fwd end of your propeller hub.

Models #300, #400 & #500 are split units and so installation is simple and quick. No need to remove the propeller to install. Installation underwater by a diver? … Yes, simple & easy.

Models #600 & above single piece units will require removal of the propeller to install.

The SHAFT SHARK requires less than 0.90 inch (23mm) of shaft clearance between the cutlass bearing and the propeller hub. Models #600 & above require 1.25~1.50 clearance. This allows for sufficient clearance with the cutlass bearing for shaft movement when maneuvering and for water-flow through the cutlass bearing.

The SHAFT SHARK is sized to both the shaft diameter and the propeller hub diameter to ensure the lowest drag factor for the boat. Overall drag will vary depending upon the speed of the boat … the propeller hub diameter and the size of the SHAFT SHARK installed. This is why there are different model units to suit the shaft and hub combinations.

With no moving parts maintenance is minimal. There are no moving parts to maintain or replace on an annual basis. The edges can be re-sharpened when necessary.


Saildrive units available upon request. Please call us to order.

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