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In designing the Flexible Furler, CDI focused on the vast majority of sailors who are primarily cruisers or daysailors. They might race but only casually. These sailors have boats under 40 feet long and want to enjoy sailing from the cockpit rather than going forward while underway. They want the reliability of a solidly built furler/reefing system backed by an unbelievably comprehensive warranty and yet do not want to spend a lot of time and money buying or maintaining their equipment.

The Flexible Furler is used on daysailers as well as offshore passage makers, monohulls and multihulls. It is used by production boat builders and is also great as a retrofit. The flexible luff extrusion make it the best choice for trailerables.

Whether large or small, your cruising boat or daysailer should have a furling system. Going forward on any size boat is potentially wet and often dangerous, particularly if your crew is inexperienced. Changing sails as the wind comes up is not a lot of fun! The Flexible Furler can be used to both furl and reef your sail in any wind condition.

We have eliminated expensive features only hard-core racers demand, thereby increasing the system's reliability while lowering the cost. As proof of the success of this design, Practical Sailor reports 100% of Flexible Furler owners surveyed would buy their Flexible Furler again if they had the choice. We are very pleased with these survey results since CDI was the only major furler manufacturer to receive that level of owner endorsement.

System Wire
FF1 1/8" 1/4" 21'
FF2 1/8"-3/16" 1/4"-5/16" 28'
FF4 1/8"-7/32" 1/4"-3/8" 33'
FF6 w BB Option 5/32"-1/4" 5/16"-7/16" 39'
FF7 w BB Option 5/32"-1/4" 7/16"-1/2" 47'
FF9 w BB Option 1/4"-5/16" 1/2", most 5/8" 53'

The Flexible Furler is warranteed to remain functional for 7 years from date of purchase. You must be the original purchaser of the unit. If, during this period, any part becomes non-functional, CDI will repair or replace it, free of charge, except for freight. This warranty remains in force for charter and other commercial operations. No maintenance is required to keep the warranty in force.

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