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Furling & Racing Foil Systems


FURLING Considerations
To decide on the best jib furling system for your boat, here are some questions that are sometimes asked:

Jib Furling System Checklist:

  1. Size and make of boat?

  2. Is the boat used for cruising, racing, or both?

  3. Headstay length?

  4. Headstay diameter?

  5. Rod or wire forestay?

  6. Type and size of turnbuckle fitted at lower end of forestay?

  7. Is there a toggle at top end of forestay? Pin Size?

  8. Do you have an Isomat, France spar, Cinkel or other mast that uses a ball type terminal at the upper end of the forestay?

  9. Do you wish to install system yourself?

  10. Do you have existing lead blocks for the furling line or do you need these?

  11. How many lifeline stanchions are fitted? What is the diameter?

  12. Does the boat have an aluminum perforated toe rail that blocks could be attached to? 

  13. Do you need a new sail or would you like to convert existing sails?

  14. Do your existing sails have hanks or a luff tape? If luff tape, what is the diameter?

  15. What is the size of the sail(s) that you wish to convert? (% overlap)

  16. Is there anything that would interfere with the furling drum, such as anchor or pulpit? If so, how high would the drum have to be from deck?

  17. Are there currently link plates installed on the lower end of your forestay? If so, please provide dimensioned sketch.

  18. What are the clevis pin diameters used at each end of the forestay?