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WaveFront TillerClutchX

The TillerClutchX for keelboats offers double the holding power, has a slightly harsher clicking action in the lever, and requires more force on the tiller to override it. It is not recommended for trailerable-size boats. Sailing alone or short-handed? Use the Patented TillerClutch to 'lash the helm' with the simple click of a lever. It's conveniently mounted under the tiller with the lever right in your steering hand. Click it on or off for instant steering adjustments. The TillerClutch is a specialized rope clutch, not a simple friction break. There are no knobs to turn, friction to fight, plastic to break, ropes to tie, or bungee cords to adjust. The TillerClutch gives you a firm hand on the tiller, whenever you need it. Each TillerClutch Kit Includes: 12-foot length of 3/16 Sta-Set line, two stainless steel mounting screws, instructions and limited lifetime warranty. Extra hardwarwe such as fairleads and cam cleats are not included.

Product Code: TC0001X

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