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No summer day is complete without an ear of corn on your dinner plate! Here are some tips to grill corn on your new marine BBQ.

Important note: Use it immediately! As soon as it's picked, the corn's sugars begin turning into tasteless starches (some say half are converted within 3 days if not refrigerated), so row ashore and get your corn freshly picked from a local farm!

You can grill corn in three ways:

  • In the shucks
  • No shucks, just in the inner silk
  • No shucks, no silk


Soak the cobs for a 1/2 hr. Preheat grill, then grill cobs for 15 minutes with the lid closed. The shucks will trap steam, creating a result resembling boiled corn.

Silk Only:

Peel off the outer shucks but leave the inner silk. Soak 1/2 hr. Preheat grill, then place on grill, turning occaisonally to prevent burning. Keep lid closed. Result is a light blackening and smoky flavour. Two thumbs up!

No Shuck, No Silk:

No soaking necessary. Grill with lid down, but keep turning the corn to reduce blackening - which will occur easily. The corn will take on the BBQ flavours but may be too grilled for your liking.

Suggested toppings:

  • Butter and salt
  • Lime juice, chili flakes, sour cream
  • Curry, cumin, black pepper and light cooking oil

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