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How Much Epoxy do I Need?

Epoxy resins are a great choice for making repairs to wooden, fibreglass, and in some cases, even aluminum and other metals! It's light, easy to use, relatively inexpensive and has excellent adhesion. Unlike polyester, which use a tiny amount of hardener (usually a few drops), epoxy mixtures are between 5:1 and 2:1 mixing ratios - the chemistry is quite different!

Here's a quick break-down of the brands above:

*Please note, fillers and resin additives are listed in Repair Materials > Fillers & Additives!

  • BoatLife Git Rot: a popular product for stopping rot in wood - in tiny gaps and large surfaces. Git Rot penetrates the surface of the wood and "gets right in there". Highly recommended!
  • East System: A Canadian-made version of West System. Very economical and comes in all the same sizes and very similar packaging. West System pumps are compatible as well!
  • Industrial Formulators: Maker of specialty epoxy products, namely their Cold Cure resin which cures at unbelievably low temperatures, as well as a fantastic wood sealer.
  • Interlux Epiglass: Epiglass is a wonderful epoxy system for laminating jobs, but differs by having low viscosity. It penetrates cloth easily and runs into cracks and surface irregularities. Compatible with all fillers for filletting and filling, but it's real advantage is in its ability to easily wet-out fibreglass cloth/mat - as an alternative to the much more popular West System (which has a higher viscosity and does not penetrate cloth as easily).
  • Marine Tex: Best known for its Marine Tex Putty - an excellent repair material for filling gouges, shaping and forming, and creating a wood-like result. Easily shaped by hand (lubricate your fingers with dish soap to smooth out its surface). "Handles like putty, strong as steel, sands like wood". Gluvit is another popular product, excellent for coating aluminum hulls to improve waterproofing - covers rivets too! Note that filling putties are in the Fillers & Additive category (one step back)
  • MAS Epoxy: An under-estimated epoxy supplier - if you need a customized epoxy available with assorted hardener speeds (slow, medium, fast) and viscosity levels (high, low), look no further. Nice, small squeezable containers.
  • Polymeric/Quik Sticks: A range of cool putty sticks. Simply cut off a slice, mash it in your hands, and apply. Just like Marine Tex putty, but comes in convenient tubes which can cure underwater. Very nice for the emergency repair kit! Best of all, they have a variety depending on surface use; fibreglass, wood, steel, aluminum, and even titanium!
  • System Three: A maker of some incredible epoxy products, not just laminating resins. Maker of clear epoxy (the holy grail!) suitable for bartops and furniture coatings (MirrorCoat). As well, their Gel tubes allow epoxy to be applied with a caulking gun, creating a super-strong adhesive. Quik-Fair is a great - and very simple to use - fairing epoxy. If you need to smooth and fair large areas, this is an economical product for the job.
  • West System: The "big boy" manufacturer of epoxy and by far the most popular amongst our customers. Available in a variety of laminating resins, special hardeners, fillers, additives for friction reduction, colouring, and UV resistance. Available in small and huge sizes. It can be a little confusing to find the right sizes, etc at first, but often becomes everyone's favourite.

As you can see, there are many epoxies for many jobs. Still not sure which one is right for you? Give us a quick call with a description of what job you're doing and we'll help narrow down the choices for you!

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