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Harken Power3 57mm Ratchet Blocks

Power3 ratchet blocks provide sailors that race small one-designs with three holding-power options to handle a variety of wind and sea conditions. More choices allow sailors to fine-tune their set-ups in tandem with the purchase that provides the ideal level of power, responsiveness and grip. 57mm Shave, 103mm Length, 85g Weight, 5mm Shackle pin, 10mm Max line, 227kg MWL, 907kg BL. Standard Grip (Black): Holding power10:1. 1.5x Grip (Titanium): Holding power 15:1. 2x Grip (Silver): Holding power 20:1.

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Single/Swivel/Standard Grip - #2625 $113.99 Usually Stocked Item 097653103509
Single/Swivel/1.5XGrip - #2165 $123.99 Quick Access Harken 2165
Single/Swivel/2XGrip - #2168 $123.99 Quick Access Harken 2168
Two Pack / 1.5XGrip & 2XGrip - #2172 Switchables Ratchet $162.99 Quick Access Harken 2172

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