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Keychains & Key Floats

In our September 2011 newsletter, we asked our readers to share their best "item lost overboard" story. Here's our favourite response..

"I once dropped the keys to my father-in-law's new mustang convertible off the dock when he came to see our new boat. I didn't really know where I dropped them after I went for a spin in his new car so I started looking under the seats, under the car etc while he was sitting on the boat. All the while he was oblivious to what I was looking for and thought I was just really checking out his new car! When the kids and I started crawling around the grass between the car and the dock he got suspicious and I had to come clean. We then called the locksmith who came out and with one sweep of a magnet, he found the keys in the water beside the boat. He'll never forget that father's day - yes, it was father's day!"

Sherry from LaSalle, Ontario.

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