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Neptune Slat Systems:
An absolute must beneath every mattress aboard your precious possession.

30 narrow bowed beech wood slats form the base of the NEPTUNE flexible slat system. Carried by robust end caps with a solid core and a high speed click/ assembly system this combination ensures for a perfect support system for your mattress.
Noticeable more comfort is achieved due to the laminated bowed slats, and because of the 4cm height an airflow is established beneath the mattress, preventing the forming of mildew.

Rolled up and dismantled in seconds!


  • Preservation of your mattress means a longer lifespan of your investment.
  • Can be installed into any berth configuration.
  • Simply cutting the slats to length creates the contours of the bed.
  • The small slats ensure high flexibility and as a result, an anatomical position for the body has been created.
  • Ensures a great airflow under the mattress and will eliminate any mildew spots and nasty smells.
  • Very accessible to hatches by simply rolling up the Slat System or dismantling one of the click systems. In a matter of seconds your Slat System could be dismantled.
  • Every Slat System could be supplied with an adjustable headrest for reading a book or watching TV in a comfortable position.

Every Slat System can be adjusted to suit any length, just let us know so extra slats and parts can be delivered.

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