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Compass Marine Bed It Butyl Tape 1/2" Wide 50' Long

After hundreds of requests for a high quality marine grade butyl tape, finally we landed one. Bed-It Tape is gray in color, 1/16" thick and 1/2" wide and comes in a 50' roll. Designed to survive the long term in the marine environmen, it is the perfect consistency & width for bedding deck hardware. rolls are sold individually.

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Bed-It Tape is specifically formulated and extruded for the installation of deck fittings to the decks of boats. All aspects of the installation procedure and necessary formulation requirements have been brought together in a marine specific bedding tape.

It has been designed to:

*Work across wide temperature ranges with minimal "creep" or cold flow even in hot climates

*Formulated to have exceptional tolerance to withstand slight movement between deck and fitting

*Stand up to typical boat washing chemicals

*Stick to the parts not your fingers

*Have the proper density for use in a "compression" application.

*Have right density to allow it to displace from under the fitting in a reasonable time frame

Bed-It Tape is made only from the finest materials and has been designed to exceed the quality of pre EPA tapes that have lasted for 30+ years..

Bed-It Tape is not an RV, Masonsry, HVAC or glazing product it was specifically formulated for use in bedding deck hardware.


Bed-It Tape is light gray in color. The color is a light as we can make it without negatively impacting the performance. The fillers needed to make it white or off-white dramatically impact the performance characteristics of the product. We've tried no less than a dozen different white to off-white formulations and they simply don't meet our testing specifications. Bed-It is specifically extruded at 1/16" thick and 1/2" wide. Each roll is 50' in length and ships in a custom designed shipping/retail box designed to protect the product during shipping. Bed-It Tape is the perfect consistency, thickness & width for bedding deck hardware, because it was designed & formulated for specifically this purpose. 

Bed-It Tape is not what you'll get from an RV supplier at all. Thanks to our excellent lab we were able to test and specifically tailor the formulation for a marine deck hardware application. Even though Bed-It Tape is formulated for marine use the RV community has also discovered Bed-It Tape. We find we are selling a lot of Bed-It Tape to the RV community as well, due to its superior formulation.

Bed-It Tape is made in the USA



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