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Vetus PW Portlight

Vetus PW Series Round Opening Porthole Features: Heavy duty porthole with lens set in aluminum frame – CE classified A I – suitable for use in hull side* Friction hinges allow port to remain open in any position (2) large-diameter knobs ensure that porthole can be closed completely watertight Clamp type installation ensures that no fasteners are visible internally or externally Supplied with composite mosquito screen – anodized aluminum mosquito screen available as an option Specifications: Vetus Model No. PW201 Materials: Lens: 3/8" (10 mm) "dark smoke" acrylic Frame: Hand-polished anodized aluminum with satin finish

Product Code: 8717372117596

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PW31RB - Cut out: 7-13/16" Round $200.99 Quick Access 8717372117596

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Lewmar Portlights

Lewmar Standard Portlight

The Standard Portlight provides a complete family look with the Atlantic Portlights. The Standard Portlight is stylish, has clear visibility, is easy to use, simple to install and competitively priced.


  • The Standard Portlight is fitted to thousands of boats worldwide
  • Handles and hinges are fi tted to the edge of the lens to allow clear visibility and are unable to vibrate open when in the closed position
  • Single frame join for security and styling
  • Quick action handles
  • ABS plastic inside trim can be cut to length
  • Corrosion free friction hinges hold the window open

Beckson Portlights

Beckson's Self-Drain ports should be mounted where the hull is no more than 15 degrees from center.

Beckson's Rain Drain ports can be mounted on vertical surfaces with no more than 45 degrees from center.

This chart shows the draining power of your Beckson port in both Self Drain and Rain Drain ports.

Both styles come in standard 1" or 2" spigot lengths. The spigot is the integral part of the frame which passes through the cabin wall. Spigots should be trimmed flush after installation for best drainage.

  • It is generally best to mount the largest port for the available mounting location for new installations. A larger port provides more light and better ventilation
  • The slope of the mounting location will indicate the type of port required, NEWPORT™ SELF DRAIN or NEWPORT™ RAIN DRAIN
  • Estimate the hull or cabin wall thickness at each mounting location as accurately as possible. Cabin wall thickness determines required port spigot length. Both styles come in standard 1" or 2" spigot lengths.


Vetus PM & PX Series Aluminum Portholes

The portholes type PM and PX are supplied with hand-polished and anodized aluminum frames and “smoke” colored acrylic of 3/8” thickness.

These Vetus portholes are not screwed, but clamped. Consequently, there is no need to drill holes.

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