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Nodus Factory Loop and Closed Dynamic Ring

Loop and Ring "Textile strop with ring" is a loop made of Nodex R2 and is available in 2 models, either with a low friction ring type TH, with a wide opening, or with a duralumin ring FRD. This textile loop is easily fixed on the deck plates and toe rail and, using the Nodus friction ring can haul all adjusting ropes. You can easily create halyard and sheet haulers. Use: Equipment which easily replaces a pulley and can handle heavy static loads (opening ring) or dynamic loads (duralumin ring). For Dyneema or non-abrasive ropes (opening ring) / all types of ropes (duralumin ring). For quick and easy fastening between two elements: mainsail foot, mast foot haulers, barber-hauler, in-hauler, lazy-jack, lazy-bag, hoist 2/1, etc.

Product Code: 3701486402100

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