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Nebo #SKE-ZAP-0001 Personal Mosquito Zapper with Lantern

The Personal Mosquito Zapper is a portable, personal, pest defense system. Nebo patent-pending UV light technology attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects, where they are then zapped by our 360 (degree) electrical grid. The Personal zapper is Micro-USB Rechargeable and has a 100 Lumen Lantern to protect you everywhere you go. Modes: Zapper Only: 5 hours. Lantern High Only: 150 lumens - 3 hours. Lantern Low Only: 45 lumens - 9.5 hours. Lantern High + Zapper: 150 lumens - 1.5 hours. Lantern Low + Zapper: 45 lumens - 3 hours. dewsign Features: Durable ABS plastic housing. Dual Band LED UV Light. 360 degree Electrical Grid. Micro-USB Rechargeable. 100 Lumen LED Lantern. Foldaway Handle/Hook for Versatile Hanging. LED charging indicator. IPX4 water resistant. 1 meter impact resistant. Battery Type: Lithium ion, 18650. 3.7V. 1200 mAh. Included Accessories: Micro USB charging cable. Zapper grid cleaning brush.

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