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Spinlock Deckware Lume-On

Used in addition to approved lifejacket lights. 2 flashing LED Lights (pair) illuminate the inflated lifejacket bladder to increase visibility and aid location. Water activated - waterproof (IP68). Uses the inflated lifejacket bladder as diffuser to increase visibility. Compact design. Attaches and integrates only in lifejackets with separate bladder and cover construction. Sticks directly to underside of inflatable chamber. Retail packaged as a pair of lights with stickers. Standard feature on Deckvest 5D (2016 onwards). Available February 2016, accepting pre-orders now!

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The simple ideas are the best. And for the first time in the DAME’s history (Design Awards METS), the award went to two products – one of which, Spinlock’s Lume-On could be one of the most affordable and most far-reaching marine safety products in recent times.

Spinlock’s Lume-On is not a conventional lifejacket light – rather, an addition to a typical lifejacket light. Where integrated lights provide a sharp, single beam, the Lume-On illuminates the whole of the lifejacket bladder.

It works rather like the lights you may have seen incorporated into blow-up balloons recently. The compact LEDs stick to the underbelly of each bladder, which uses the large fluorescent surface like a diffuser to maximise the visibility of the flashing light.

“What we found in our testing is that it gives you much better area to focus in on,” said Spinlock’s Sales and Marketing Manager James Hall. He explained how it can make a casualty easier to spot when bobbing up and down in waves due to the greater illuminated mass. And, as the helmsman closes in on the casualty, this added illumination make sit easier to safely approach for recovery.

“It is also very reassuring for the casualty,” says Hall, who compared its calming effect to that of a sprayhood.

Spinlock’s Lume-On has two water-sensing pins – so it is easy to check if it’s working simply by licking a finger and connecting the terminals. Once activated by water it can provide up to two hours of intense flashing light and eight hours light in total.

The Lume-On adds no extra weight and has a smooth profile so will not chafe the bladder. It is attached using the same adhesive as retro-reflective tape on lifejackets. It now comes as standard on Spinlock’s 5D Deckvest, but is also very simple to retrofit.

And, perhaps most importantly, the Lume-On is sensibly priced – at $30 a pair, it is the sort of safety item one almost can’t afford not to fit.

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A Note About Re-Arm Kits..

When shopping for a re-arm kit for your lifejacket, you may wish to check out the Leland kits above; they produce over 250 types of cylinders and are often cheaper than the brand name version!

Choosing the right Inflatable PFD can be overwhelming, but using the chart below should make things a bit easier! One thing to note; you should replace your CO2 cartridge every 3 years.. and check the status window every time to use it to ensure the activation switch is still armed!

Features to think about:

  • Automatic Inflation vs. Manual Inflation
    • When you fall into the water, an automatic vest will automatically inflate, whereas a manual vest requires the user to pull a yellow tab to inflate it.
    • The big question is, will you be conscious or mobile enough to pull the tab when you need to? The auto feature adds about $50.
  • Auto Inflation Switches: Hydrostatic Release vs. Salt Tablet
    • There are 2 types of Automatic Inflation switches. In traditional auto vests, the switch contains a Salt Tablet. This tablet dissolves in contact with water, activating the vest. It is not supposed to be affected by spray or extreme humidity, but from time to time, it can happen. Leaving your vest in a puddle might activate it. Washing down your vest with freshwater from a spray gun shouldn't. For example, after months of rain, tropical humidity and ocean storms, I have witnessed a vest auto-inflate by accident. Therefore, odds are, it will never happen - but it can!
    • A Hydrostatic Release activates from water pressure; when immersed 6 inches underwater, the associated pressure activates the vest's inflation switch. This almost completely eliminates the worry of accidentally activating the vest. However, this technology is quite a bit more expensive ($80-90 more)
  • Harness vs. No Harness
    • Are you using harnesses and jacklines on board? If heading offshore, sailing at night, boating alone, or traveling from shore a greater distance than you can swim, you should consider having a safety line/jackline system.
    • While you can puchase harnesses separately, why not have a lifejacket with an integrated harness? This feature costs about $40 more.
  • Other options
    • LIFT feature: Mustang MD0200's LIFT feature elevating the user's mouth out of the water by up to 9 inches (23cm), reducing underwater mouth immersions by 80%
    • Pouch jacket: Mustang MD3021's Pouch jacket wears like a waist pack and when inflated, the user removes the pack from the waist and fits it over their head. Not the ideal type for everyday use, but ideal for those who cannot wear a lifejacket.
    • Hood feature: Spinlock's Deck Vests include a spray hood. This is a fantastic feature for extreme (hurricane) conditions - blowing foam and spray can cause drowning while in the water and a spray hood can prevent this. It also provides lots of warmth.
    • Emergency Light: Spinlock's Deck Vests include an emergency light so you can be spotted.
    • Line Cutter: Spinlock's Deck Vests also include an emergency line cutter just in case you need to cut away from your tether.


STEP 1: Type of Inflation?
Manual Inflation
Automatic Inflation

STEP 2: Type of Auto Switch?

Salt Tablet
Hydrostatic Release
STEP 3: With Harness?
No Harness
No Harness
No Harness
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