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Vetus Silicone Cowl Vent

This structure gives silicone rubber a very flexible feel as well as providing a material that has very small changes in dynamic characteristics over a wide range of temperatures. Silicone has a typical service temperature range between –100 °C and +200 °C. Silicone rubber has many excellent mechanical qualities, but it’s greatest advantage is that it will not discolour in UV light. So, even after years in the Caribbean sun, these ventilators will still look like new. The ring nuts and mating deck flanges are made of hard plastic. The cowl ventilators can revolve and are removable. No tools are required, the ring nut can be loosened easily by hand. A Monel mosquito screen and a stainless steel (AISI 316) cover plate to close off the cowl ventilator, can be supplied as an option. Excellent resistance to: High temperatures, Ozone, UV light, Moisture, Fungal iscolouration.

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TRAMON - Diameter (mm): 75 $100.99 Quick Access 8717372363535
LIBEC - Diameter (mm): 75 $103.99 Usually Stocked Item 8717372363559

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