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McLube #7881 Antifoul Alternative 16 oz.

The Environmentally Friendly Antifoul Speed Polish for Everything Below the Waterline! Antifoul Alternative combines McLube's same very fast, world-renowned proprietary formulation of our bonded PTFE suspension system with an entirely revolutionary citrus-based, long-lasting and high-gloss polish. The results have been quantifiable, by all accounts. High-gloss, citrus-based foul-release polish for everything below the waterline Prevents marine growth and slime from adhering for weeks Reduces drag and increases efficiency on both power and sail boats Easy to apply to any hull surface or underwater fitting Non-toxic, non-metallic, non-leaching Biodegradable Environmentally Friendly

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Anti Fouling Alternatives

Photo-active coatings

When immersed in oxygenated water, the product photochemically generates minute levels of peroxides, are effective in deterring the settling of fouling organisms on the hulls surface. The peroxides do not persist in the environment because they quickly decompose back into oxygen and water by natural ions dissolved in the water.

The movement of the boat should be enough to knock off any fouling that occurs if the boat has been sitting for a while. Gently scrub with a Scotch-Brite type pad or sponge to remove any fouling that does accumulate.

ePaint EP21 EP21 is a single component, solvent-based, photo-active release coating. It is compatible with aluminum, fiberglass and wood substrates and over most existing bottom paint systems. It is ideal for recreational boats. Lasts 12 months or more. 258 sq ft/gallon at 75-100 microns dft.
ePaint Sun Wave Sun Wave is a two-component, water-based epoxy, photo-active release coating. It is compatible with aluminum, fiberglass and wood substrates and over most existing bottom paint systems. It is suited for recreational & commercial boats, high speed boats and boats frequently launched and hauled by trailer. 210 sq ft/gallon at 75-100 microns dft.

Wax-based products

These products adhere to hulls by molecular attraction. In addition to preventing hull growth, they also prevent osmosis.

Clean with sponge, deck brush, or white abrasive pad when fuzz develops. These coatings cannot be removed by pressure wash or acid wash. Only a high Ph detergent wash will remove the coating. After cleaning, apply a thin overcoat each season.

Alex Milne Easy On Bottom Wax Easy On Bottom Wax is applied with a soft cloth. It cures in 12-24 hrs to a soft moveable invisible surface that is not polished. 450 mL treats up to 300 sq ft.
Alex Milne Easy Spray Bottom Coating Easy Spray Bottom Coating is sprayed on with trigger spray bottle, thinned out with soft cloth, and cures to allow boat surfaces to be polished.

Polymer Coatings

Slippery coatings that reduces surface friction and seals fiberglass to prevent osmosis. Regular use of vessel will self-clean the hull. Stationary boats may be cleaned periodically with a sponge or deck brush. At end of season or upon attachment of marine growth, pressure wash or wash off with Boat Clean Plus and a sponge. Apply each season.

Aurora Marine VS721 VS721 Bottom Coat is a clear coating that can be used on aluminum, fiberglass, and hard painted surfaces. Ideal for powerboats, jet boats, sail boats, trailered boats, fishing boats, PWC's, and pontoons. 450 mL covers 400 sq ft.

Fluoropolymer Coatings

These products have a lower coefficient of friction and provide a significantly smoother surface than Intersleek 700. Maintenance requires a low pressure fresh water wash. Applications should last up to 5 years.

Interlux/International Paint Intersleek 900 Intersleek 900 is ideal for steel, aluminum and fiberglass hulls. Can be used by all vessels above 10 knots, including scheduled ships, tankers, bulkers, general cargo ships and feeder containers. 201 sq.ft/ gallon at 150 microns dft.