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KUS-Wema S3U Fuel/Water Sensor

This sensor has a float which rises and falls on the central shaft with the level of liquid in the tank. The sensor unit is fully insulated to protect against dangerous electric currents inside the tanks. This is an extremely important safety feature, because it protects against electrolytic corrosion, as well as the danger of an explosion. The sensor threads are 1.25" BSP - straight male British pipe thread - with O-ring seal. The sending unit length is measured from the top of the threads to the tip of the gauge. It should be at least 1" less than the depth of a plastic tank, and 3/4" less than the depth of a metal tank. Note: if the top of your metal tank flexes, deduct one 1 inch from the depth. Can be used with any Wema System dash gauge. Sensor electrical reisitance range is 240-33 Ohms (Standard Aftermarket). All 316 stainless steel. Note: If mounting in a tank with a 5 hole SAE pattern you will require part #45-542 FL-2 Mounting Flange.

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  Price Stock Type Product Code Qty.
6" - #S3U-6 $74.99 Quick Access 45-536
8" - #S3U-8 $74.99 Quick Access 45-541
10" $79.99 Usually Stocked Item 45-543
12" - #S3U-12 $82.99 Usually Stocked Item 45-537
14" - #S3U-14 $90.99 Usually Stocked Item 45-544
18" - #S3U-18 $94.99 Usually Stocked Item 45-538
20" - #S3U-20 $102.99 Quick Access 45-550
22" - #S3U-22 $104.99 Quick Access 45-551
24" - #S3U-24 $106.99 Usually Stocked Item 45-539
26" - #S3U-26 $108.99 Quick Access 45-552
28" - #S3U-28 $113.99 Quick Access 45-553
16" $116.99 Usually Stocked Item 773692058689
30" - #S3U-30 $126.99 Quick Access 45-540
5" - #S3U-5 $130.99 Quick Access 773692050539
32" - #S3U-32 $133.99 Quick Access 45-554
34" - #S3U-34 $141.99 Quick Access 45-556

CUSTOM: S3U_FuelWater_Sensor

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