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Espar Airtronic D5 Heater

Suitable for vessels up to 49 feet. Shipping dimensions 93cm x 62cm x 53cm. 26.5kg.

Product Code: Espar Airtronic D5

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$3,889.99 Espar Airtronic D5 Quick Access

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Espar Airtronic D5 Marine Forced Air Heater Kit

Each kit comes complete with everything required for installation.

  • Suitable for vessels up to 49 ft. (15 m)
  • Kit includes: 3 1/2" x 33 ft. ducting, 3" x 20 ft. ducting, air silencer, loose duct fittings, 3 Y-pieces, 3 closables, 1 non-closable, copper fuel lines, fire resistant fuel adaptors, 10 ft. double wall exhaust, digi-controller with diagnostics

How Airtonic Air Heaters Work

The starting pulse received by the heater central control unit triggers the following processes:

  1. Automatic safety check
  2. The burner motor starts, the combustion space is pre-ventilated, the glow plug is warmed up and the metering pump conveys fuel
  3. Glow plug ignites fuel-air mixture
  4. Hot combustion gases flow through the heat exchanger
  5. Hot air fan draws in air and the heat exchanger transfers heat from the combustion gases to the air

Spare Parts List for the D5:

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